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I am Dr. Lixana Vega Vega, General Surgeon. My practice specializes in evaluating and treating various conditions of Breast Cancers and Breast Lumps, Cysts, Infections, and Soft Tissue Masses.

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Patient information confidentiality is a necessity in the provision of quality healthcare. It is important to protect the privacy of patients and to maintain the confidentiality of their medical information. By doing so, we can ensure that patients receive the best possible care and that their rights are respected.

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Because we are well aware that surgery is not part of your daily routine, we ensure that your experience is as pleasant as possible by providing an unsurpassed level of care.

Dr Vega Vega


Dr. Vega is a Board Certified General Surgeon and she is specialized in Breast Cancer Removal and Hernia Repair Surgeries, She treats a broad range of breast diseases such as abnormal breast ultrasound, breast biopsy, breast cancer screening, breast abscess, nipple discharges, and other breast related issues.


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Delivering world class surgical care

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Diagnosis and Repair of Hernias

we are proud to offer our patients the latest in hernia repair technology. These procedures use minimally invasive techniques that increase comfort and speed recovery for our patients. Also, we have a highly trained staff and offer the latest medical equipment to ensure patients have the best experience during treatment.

Diagnosis Appendicitis and Appendix Removal

We use the latest technologies to treat appendicitis and remove your appendix as quickly and comfortably as possible. Our goal is to use the least invasive procedure for our patients to have a quick recovery and a great experience.

Gallbladder Removal and Treatment of Symptomatic Gallstones

Abdominal pain due to gallbladder issues can be frustrating and one of the most challenging problems that our patients face. We understand that timely treatment is important, so we make sure that you safely get to the OR as quick as possible for your gallbladder surgeries.

Common Surgery Procedures

Delivering world class surgical care
  • Mastectomy


Mastectomy can be defined as partial or complete removal of breast mass. It is a treatment option for breast cancer as well as chemotherapy, radiation therapy, hormonal therapy, etc.  The position and size of the tumor, the outcomes of your laboratory examinations, and if cancer has spread to other regions of your body are just a few of the variables that will determine what’s best for you. Your healthcare professional will adjust your treatment plan to meet your specific requirements. Taking a combination treatment is also common among many breast cancer women.

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-Dr. Vega Vega

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Delivering world class surgical care